A.L.M. was founded in 1988 by three partners: A(rmand), L(uc) and M(ichel).

Each had a company specialised in the installation of electrical installations. In the late eighties, scissor lifts were used increasingly for the placement of such facilities. That is how they got the idea to work together to establish a rental company specialised in renting and selling scissor lifts and aerial work platforms. This way they could use the devices themselves and during quiet times rent out the “excess” to fellow installers. Scissor lifts and AWPs were gaining in popularity at the time.

This has led to the rapid growth of ALM. In 1996, Luc and Michel decided to sell their shares to Armand Verhoye. ALM had at that time about 50 machines in the rental fleet. Due to the continued growth of ALM, Armand Verhoye decided in 1997 to sell his electricity business, Verhoye NV, and to devote himself fully to the expansion of ALM. In 1998 100 new machines were added to the rental fleet. In 1999 son Frederick Verhoye joined the company and in 2005 daughter Evelyn Verhoye also followed. Now ALM has a rental fleet of over 400 machines and more than 1,000 machines have been sold.