Renting at ALM = Renting safely!

We take our responsibility seriously and go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers and our machines.

After every rental – however briefly – all machines are cleaned, thoroughly inspected and tested by our experienced technicians. All our units are inspected every 3 months by a notified body. Only machines that are in top condition and function safely may return to the rental fleet. Every rental machine comes with operating instructions and safety manuals.

Training at ALM

Safety is not only dependent on machinery and tools, but also on the people using them. You can benefit from a host of knowledge and experience on our website, where our skilled employees are at your service as well as a specialised training department. ALM offers a sophisticated range of instruction and training! You can read all about it under “training”

Risk-free rentals! Go up in the air safely with ALM!